The course content is divided in chapters: for each topic, readers have access to course notes, sample code, online quizzes and exercises.

Course notes

Videos and Slides

In this section you can find the links to all videos individually as well as the slides and accompanying code used in the videos.

S Content Slides PDF Videos SAS R
0 Course Outline
1a Hypothesis Tests
1b Central Limit Theorem
1c Exploratory Data Analysis
2a Parameter interpretation
2b Linear transformations
2c Geometry of least squares
2d Hypothesis tests
2e Coefficient of determination
2f Predictions
2g Interactions
2h Collinearity
2i Diagnostic plots
3 Likelihood-based inference
4a Generalized linear models
4b Logistic regression
4c Example of logistic regression
4d Poisson regression
4e Contingency tables
4f Overdispersion
4g Rates and offsets
4h Logistic model for proportions
5a Introduction to correlated data
5b Example of longitudinal data
5c Model formulation
5d Compound symmetry covariance
5e Autoregressive covariance
5f Other covariance models
5g Selection of covariance structures
5h Group heteroscedasticity
6a Group effects
6b Clustered data example
6c Random effects
6d Random intercept
6e Random slope
6f Prediction for mixed models
7a Survival analysis and censoring
7b Likelihood for survival data
7c Kaplan-Meier estimator
7d Cox proportional hazard model
7e Log rank test


The SAS databases (.sas7bdat) can be downloaded by clicking on this link. Create a repository on SAS onDemand, add these files and create a library as shown in the Introduction to SAS.

To access the course database, you can also add the following code snippet in your SAS autoload:

LIBNAME statmod "~/my_shared_file_links/u41148888/statmod" access=readonly;

You must create a local copy to modify these data.

You can also access the data sets in R by installing the hecstatmod package from Github using the following commands (uncomment the first line to install the remotes and learnr libraries - do only once):


Note: not all data sets are currently documented and (most) tutorials are still missing. Please re-install the package periodically to benefit from the latest features.


The R package also contain quizzes: to run the later and launch a new browser window, use the following commands (each line represents a different quiz).

learnr::run_tutorial("intro", package = "hecstatmod")
learnr::run_tutorial("likelihood", package = "hecstatmod")